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The Number Three Cause of Death in the USA – Medical Errors

Lissa Rankin, MD talks about medical errors and the placebo effect.


Medical errors cause more deaths in the USA than almost any other cause and this cause is preventable!

More than 30 years ago William Glasser, MD stated that going to the doctor can make you sick. This video explains part of the reason why and what you can do about it.



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The Relaxation Response and Healing

The video below is about the Relaxation Response and the Placebo Effect.


How can we use the placebo effect to heal others?

The video below is from David Wolfe’s website and is a snippet from the Women’s Wellness Conference. In it, Lissa Rankin, MD talks about the placebo effect and how it can affect the outcomes of surgeries. I have know about the placebo effect since the 1960’s, but I have had very little luck in applying it in my life or on those that I care about. I now believe that more doctors should be using placebos before they prescribe dangerous drugs or surgeries!


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Ten Foods that Should be Banned in the USA

This infographic is from Dr. Mercola’s website. I still eat many of these foods because my very limited pay from veterans disability does not allow me to buy organically grown foods very often.


10 Banned Foods to Avoid

Are you eating “food that’s already banned” in other countries but is still allowed to poison and kill Americans? Learn these pernicious ingredients and common foods through this infographic. Use the embed code to share it on your website.


David Wolfe Talks about Joint Pain

In this video David Wolfe explains how the three different types of Omega 3, silica and phytonutrients can help with joint pain.

Sulfur can also be important in healing joint pain and this can be gotten from various sources.

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Dr. Susanne Bennett Shows How to Make Organic Almond Milk

Here is how to make organic almond milk yourself.


In this video Dr. Susanne Bennett shows us how to make your own organic almond milk using a blender, purified water, fresh roasted almonds, and some spices.

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The Calorie Myth by Jonathan Bailor

This post is about The Calorie Myth by Jonathan Bailor.


The Calorie Myth


Although I have yet to read the book I have been given some excerpts from The Calorie Myth. I have posted one of them below. I have also watched video interviews with Jonathan Bailor and I think that he is on to something. Check it out.


…The final myth complicating our lives and destroying our health is the


idea that calories are the most important consideration in our food choices, so we can eat anything we’d like as long as we’re careful to analyze food labels for serving sizes and calories. So here is our third Calorie Myth:


Calorie Myth #3: All Foods Are Fine in Moderation


Most diets suggest that we can eat whatever we want and be fine as long as we monitor our portion sizes and don’t eat too many calories. But as we’ve discussed, calories are not all that matter. What comes along with calories can disrupt our fundamental biology for generations. So why do we hear so much about calories and eating “everything” in moderation? One reason is that many of the institutions perpetuating this myth are funded by companies that produce processed foods. These institutions can keep their corporate benefactors happy and appear reasonable by preaching a message of moderation. (The “foods” aren’t bad—your willpower is! It’s your “personal responsibility” to resist them!) Now anyone can sell anything and everyone is happy—except for the consumers whose biology is being broken


Why Hormones Matter More than Moderation


When we are told to focus on calories and moderation instead of food and biology, “healthy” quickly becomes a highly relative term. For example, a popular fast food chain celebrates the health benefits of its offerings that contain less than 400 calories. Never mind the highfructose corn syrup, refined flour, trans fats, and pink slime in these edible products we collectively refer to as “food,” they’re low calorie and therefore “smart” choices.


We know this is absurd. We know that the nutritional and hormonal impact of calories matters immensely. But we can see why the calorie craze is perpetuated. Want to sell anything and call it healthy? Convince people calories are all that matter. Then mix together the cheapest and most shelf-stable ingredients you can find and call it edible. Finally, shrink the serving size until you can call it low calorie and therefore “healthy.” One-hundred-calorie snack packs for everyone!
Misguided recommendations around moderation are not new. Just a few decades ago we were given a message of smoking in moderation, but then the science linking smoking to addiction and disease became clear. The link between inSANE foods addiction and disease is now clear.

As Yale University’s Kelly Brownell puts it, “By 1964, there was sufficient scientific evidence . . . [but] many years passed and many millions died before decisive action was taken to [turn the tide against smoking].

. . .Repeating this history with food and obesity would be tragic.”


Will a single soda or candy bar every once in a while kill us? Of course not. But neither will a single cigarette every once in a while. The question is what we should be recommending. The message of moderation and calories is rooted in money, not science. Accurate recommendation would revolve around food quality and hormones, not calorie count and moderation…


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